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"SELECTOR",  "Power Toys", "Bikeloaders".
I have added 10 MCM1 Tracks

MCM1 is long over and MCM2 is now the game to run. If you need tracks or add ons for MCM1, this is the place. There is a new bikeloader for MCM2, and I have included it in the Bikeloader section of this page.  The CD crack for MCM2 is also included. If you need tracks, please contact us , and I can put something together for you. All links and downloads are active and current.

MCM1 was the first fully interactive 3D simulation Motocross Software.
If you have not tried it, or have any interest in Off-Road Motorcycles...
- MCM DEMO's and Videos - |
For the 40 Meg MCM2 Demo, Click HERE
For the 20 Meg MCM1 Demo, Click
For the16Meg MCM2 AVI, Click HERE
For the10Meg MCM1 AVI, Click HERE

If you'd like to see screenshots of MCM 1,
I have put together a page of some Favs

If you need the MCM2 CD Crack, Click:
(Just unzip this file into your main MCM2 directory,
and overwright the existing MCM2.exe. No more need for the CD.)

MCM2 Cheat
(including - xtra bike, Nat Track, and SX Track)
is Here MCM2 Cheat

Other cheats are here: MCM2 Cheat Page

History of the MCM1throttle bug.

Around October 1998, players began entering the ZONE, speeding past us at 100 MPH plus. We had no idea what hit us.
After realizing that the players with a throttle had an advantage by using the wheel on their joysticks
as an accelerator, arguments began to break out. It didn't matter much, but the Zone was in an upheaval.

Someone came out with a utility called "The Selector". It leveled the playing field against those who had a throttle.
By giving us 125 (slower), 250 (stock MCM bike), and a 500cc (throttle bike),
for free, we all had the ability to race faster, and jump further.

The Final "Selector" uploaded on 12/31/98, has a fail safe (no-cheat) fix.
All players can type specific letters (ABC in Caps) before racing in order to prove they are on the bike they claim to be.
It's a little hassle, but none like the one we were experiencing.


*** MCM Bike Selector *** Final Version (1.0.0)

Final Selector 9,159k

Power Toys

Power Toys 2Meg


I have uploaded the latest, and last Selector and the Power Curve Builder for those who need it.
Make sure you mention if you are running anything above 250cc's - because people will know if you are.

Follow the instructions below  from the "read me files".




Q: I still don't understand how to install them.
A: Basically you can follow the instructions in the readme files of the 2 programs.

 Selector 1.0.0 (also known as "Final Selector")
You should be able to unzip all the files into your MCM directory.

If you still have some problems, here is how to copy/paste files.
Copy to your Windows/System folder (if asked to overwrite, answer yes)
Create a new folder in your mcm directory, and name it: data - copy all files in the .zip archive to this new folder (mcm/data/)
except vb5fr.dll and selector.exe - copy selector.exe to you mcm directory



The auto install never worked for me, but...
it will start by putting all the files into your Windows/temp directory.

If the auto install does not work for you,
find the files above and use these directions.

Copy vb5fr.dll, tabclt32.ocx and amovie.ocx to your Windows/System folder (if asked to overwrite, answer yes) -
Copy *.tga files to your mcm/data/ folder - create a new sub-directory : mcm/data/build -
Copy *.val in your new mcm/data/build/ folder - copy PowerToys.exe and TipsofDay.txt to your mcm directory-

Simply unzip this file into your MCM directory with the Winzip option
"Use Folder Names" On. If this option is turned off, selector won't work.
- If you installed a previous version of selector, UNINSTALL it before installing this one.
- Make sure mcm.exe is not write protected. Right click on mcm.exe choose properties uncheck "read only".



MCM1 Bike Loader v1.5
by _ReP47

Bike loader for MCM1

This little Selector has All of the benefits of the
Original Selector without the size or sounds.
A must have at only 15k.


- Ability to change engine type, tires and shock settings right away.
             - Great to have in the background when playing on the zone.
         - Anti-cheat feature, exactly the same as in the Bike Selector
             by The_Masked_Chicken
      - Loads 5 different cylinder sizes, 500cc, 350cc, 250cc, 125cc & 80cc.
   500cc - FAST!!!
             350cc - Realistic
   250cc - Stock, Normal (Same as original)
   125cc - Slower than normal
   80cc  - Very slow (included it just for fun)
 - UNINSTALL function to remove all changes
 - Written completely in 32-bit assembly language, which makes it tiny.

MCM2 Bikeloader (Cheat?)
small file - 20k

Bike loader for MCM2

I have not tried this file yet, but found it around.
Try it if you want.
It is supposed to give you a 1000cc option.

Freeze Frame Tool
small file - 1k

Freeze Frame Tool
This is an MCM1 gadget that lets you take screen shots while in the game. Just Hit CTRL F

Frame Rate Tool

small file - 1k

Frame Rate Tool

This is an MCM1 gadget that lets you see your frame rate while in the game

Unzip / click on frames.reg / That's it. It loads itself to the registry.

Press the "F" key anytime in the game to show framerate.

Trackman 6.1

145 k

Trackman 6.1

Trackman is an excellent MCM1 utility to help you install and remove Tracks.
It makes it easy to find the tracks you have just downloaded to install them,
or UNINSTALL those old ones you never race anymore.

This utility has the ability to archive tracks by RE-zipping them to a new folder in your terraform directory.

Tracks for MCM1

I have added 10 of my favorite tracks from MCM1.
I will update them randomly from a folder of 31 tracks.

A VERY SPECIAL Thanks to all the New Nat Track designers
who take their time to give to us great new tracks to race.

The founder of online tournament racing for MCM

And I'd like to offer a special thanks to HSD_Frenchie for creating the selector

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The Zones have been closed... no where to play.
Email me
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