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MuleSoft Neutron Star


The MuleSoft marketing team wanted to change the info selector on their main product page from javascript to something that felt more current.



Visual design had done a first pass at the design, with some success, but there were redundancies in the links, no real call out as to where the user was, or what they were looking at, and no obvious call to action.



Normally we’d look around for best practice examples, but on this project, we went off the cuff. I suggested simply adding an animated, bordered, opaque background. I took the visual design, removed the redundant links, added the border, and created 4 options for review: Original from visual design with no border including links on all tabs, Tab highlighted with Tab highlighted no links, Tab highlighted with bolded label and links removed, Tab highlighted with no links. We reviewed, and the stakeholders picked the Tab highlighted with no links. Dev coded it up and it was live by the weekend. In mobile responsive, the Neutron Star shows as accordions.


Webpage: Neutron Star on MuleSoft Anypoint Product Page