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MuleSoft Connect Redesign


The MuleSoft marketing team wanted to update connect.mulesoft.com convention website from the 2017 look and feel, to a newer look for 2018. This included a home page refresh, a redesigned Agenda, and adding an Agenda builder.



Visual design had done a first pass at the design in 2016, but with no interaction designer, there were some issue. Filtering was color coded, and this needed to be deprecated. Also, the Agenda was confusing, and the stakeholders wanted to add a way to save and build and agenda. We also wanted to make better use of the tabs above in mobile, and decided to move the tabs to the bottom in the mobile viewport.



We looked at several other large and small convention sites (i.e. dreamforce, oracleworld, AWS, and many others) to find examples of good filtering, home pages, and agendas. Almost none offered an agenda builder, so we had to go on our own to design without examples. We addedd a right column for each session (Breakout, Expo, trainings, etc) with a link to Add to Agenda, and or Remove from Agenda, with a cart icon that offered badges so the user knew they had added something to somewhere. When clicking on the cart, they were taken to the built agenda page. We opted to not have an agenda builder in mobile view.

Prototype: MuleSoft Connect Agenda Builder Prototype

Website: connect.mulesoft.com