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MuleSoft Solutions Page Redesign


The MuleSoft marketing team wanted to update the solutions landing page and Government and Healthcare pages. home page needed to be redesigned from an icon based to something that felt cleaner.



Solutions are what MuleSoft offers, to help customers tackle problems such as a migration to mobile, a legacy system update, Data Integrations, Salesforce, Oracle, or SAP integration in industries such as Healthcare, Finance, Government, Etc. The former Solutions options were taking up a very long scroll pages, and it wasn’t obvious what was available to potential customers. The new solutions pages would need to make it more obvious, and had to be responsive.



We redesigned the home page to a list view, bucketing like items such as Industry and Initiative. We took the Government and Healthcare pages from 8 down to 2 by creating a tab system on the landing page that would allow visitors to get to what they needed more efficiently.

Prototype: MuleSoft Solutions Prototype (Healthcare and Government are links)

Webpage: MuleSoft Solutions Page