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MuleSoft Anypoint Page Redesign


The MuleSoft marketing team wanted to change the info selector on their main product page from javascript to something that felt more current (UX added animation as well). Also, they were looking to update the entire page over a 3 month sprint, including removing the neutron star when possible.



We needed to tell 2 personas (Devs and Business) what we offer. This was not coming clear on the former page through the neurton star.



We decided to do a quick release on a redesigned neutron star, while completely redesigning the page with a simpler tab set for Develop, Engage, Run, Manage tabbed options. We created sections for the Devs, about what it is, and for Biz about how it works. We saw a marked increase in engagement after the redesign (released late Nov 2017).


Webpage: MuleSoft Anypoint Product Page