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SomaSens Health and Big Data Solutions


SomaSens is a healthcare consulting firm that meets with clients (hospitals, medical centers, clinics, and providers)  to help solve problems around big data, patient-provider challenges, and find solutions to clinical decision support issues.

Over the past 5 years, the Somasens team (I act as the sole UX, managing visual and development) met to solve real and virtual problems at Stanford Medical Center with teams of 10-20 people with various areas of expertise.

What we are solving on this page are considered part of what is currently being called Care Delivery Platforms and mHealth Connectivity Solutions.



  1. HealthBoard – Providers (doctors, nurses and care teams) wanted a way to view a patients state of health at any point in time. through the use of sensor data, and patient interaction.
  2. Remote Patient Monitoring – Care teams needed the ability to track patients, recently released from intensive care units (ICU’s) and a way to display how they are doing at any particular time, and minimize hospital readmissions.
  3. Accountable Care Organization (ACO) Dashboard – Insurers and medical centers wanted a way to track how well a providers patient population was going (overall health of one or more patients).
  4. Automated patient encounter transcription app with Google Glass compliment – Providers have always complained about charting, and how arduous the dictation and transcription process is.



  1. HealthBoard – We designed a transparent view of the patient at a particular point in time that could be viewed by both the care team, and patient. TheHealthBoard allowed all users to set up challenges, and tie into existing group based systems such as Keas, and Virgin Health. As well, data is captured and displayed from personal health tracking, remote patient monitoring, sensor data from wearables, and other sensor based inputs  such as weight scales, blood pressure monitors, connected via bluetooth, wifi or usb. Each participant received and overall score (not shown in this view), which tied into the ACO Dashboard.
  2. Remote Patient Monitoring Dashboard – Designed a 3 screen dashboard that allowed providers on the care team to track patients via sensor data and remote patient monitoring.
  3. Accountable Care Organization Dashboard – We created a tabular system with 3-level drill down that allowed viewers of the system to see a view starting at the overall medical center provider list, drill into the patient list under each provider (overall cost of each patient), and finally to the HealthBoard view of the individual patient.
  4. Automated patient encounter transcription app with Google Glass compliment – We created a Google Glass app that also worked on Android, and iOS phones and tablets, which allowed the user to record a conversation with a patient, and have that information parsed into a Subjective, Objective, Assessment and Plan (SOAP) format. The information went to the database, and providers were able to create a patient plan for the patient in a complimentary tablet app. This app allowed the provider to send dictation notes to the server along with prescriptions to pharmacies, request to labs, radiology requests, etc directly on submission.