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Project Runway


This was a game created while at the EVB design agency. The client was Tresemme, and it was for the show Project Runway. The client wanted a game to highlight their role as a sponsor.



The viewers of Project Runway were having house parties each week, watching the show together. Tresemme caught wind of this, and asked if we could make a game for them that would include a way for viewers to interact with one another, and bet on who would be the weekly winner, who would be off the show, and who had the best hair. They also requested a way to form Leagues, and have a weekly questions. The UX portion to completion was 72 hours.



I spent the first few days creating an IA flow from a white board brain dump (the yellow space of notes in the IA flow) between the account manager, creative director, PM’s and the client. Once there was an agreement on which pages would be created (denoted by the boxes in the flow), we started iterating on wireframes, meeting with the PM, iterating, until we came up with the final wireframes you see here. The entire deliverable was about 20 pages, but only including a sample of the main tab navigation screens here.  The corresponding visuals came back, and i’ve included those so you can see how wireframes become visual when you have an exceptional visual design team at hand.



www.fantasyrunway.com (defunct)