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Wells Fargo App Home 2012-2016


Wells Fargo Bank had a mobile app they wanted to update from late 2000. The original app was in hybrid/ non-native code (wrapper), and the stakeholders wanted to apply an updated look and feel to the non-authenticated (not logged in) experience for their 17M active, mobile app users.



The former app only allowed for login, ATM finder, and other limited offerings. The marketing team wanted to be able to serve offers on the home screen of the app, and offer space to departments such as loans, lines of credit, accounts, insurance, etc. on the home page of the app. This offered a particular challenge: How do you allow, potentially all the bank offerings to appear on the home page of the app?



Created a fully responsive solution (the app remained hybrid, and can be viewed in landscape or portrait), with a tile system which allowed teams (loans, lines, accounts, etc) to offer a “Tile” to their products and service. The tile system was first introduced by UX and development. During the design phase, the brick style tiles were converted to a Windows mobile look and feel by the visual team.