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CSR Dashboard


There are basically 2 kinds of design: new design, and legacy redesign. This client had an existing customer support call center, and a dated software system which call takers (CSR’s) used to find account information and manage orders. In this case, the client wanted a legacy redesign in order to update the old software the CSR’s were using.



The site required users to click Next, Next, Next to get anything done. I asked what they wanted, The stakeholders said the CSR’s needed a way to search for customer accounts, and manage orders that was more “AJAX’y” (a word they used around the time it was coined by Jesse James Garrett). “So, more of a single view” I asked? They said, “Yes”.



We updated the search to show basic and advanced modes, updated the results pages, order pages, and added a workqueue for both the CSR managers, and the CSR’s which had slightly different functionality. As well, we added an admin control panel for a superuser (CSR Manager Admin).

I have permission from the company to share the entire PDF of this project. You can also view a corresponding talk I gave in 2014 at General Assembly to over 100 UX’s and UX students. The 20 min video titled, UX in a Nutshell is below on this page, which is an a even more truncated version of a class I offer at General Assembly twice a year by the same name.


Full Blueprint PDF

This is a 31 page PDF deliverable which was v2.6 and created over a 21 day contract in 2008. The PDF was used by an X31 developer who coded the entire app over the next 90 days, then went in production through 2015 for use by the CSR’s.

CSR Project Final Blueprint