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Wells Fargo Mortgage Calculators


Wells Fargo needed to add an Equity Calculator to their existing purchase and refinance offering, for desktop, mobile web, and mobile app. The project deliverables also included post calculation screens including results for 30/15/5/ARM/FHA, and the corresponding detail screens which were… incredibly detailed, taking into account all instances of the loans.



Desktop and mobile web did not offer an Equity Calculator, and app didn’t offer any mortgage options. The team needed to standardize the experience across all 3 platforms.



Working with stakeholders, and mortgage leads, our team was about to decipher which fields were mandatory during the search process, what needed to be shown in terms of 30/15/5/ARM/FHA, and layout an experience for both mobile and web that could be displayed on the desktop, mobile web, and wrapped into the mobile app. The annotated wireframes included calculators, results, and details for all loan types on all platforms.



wellsfargo.com/mortgage (viewing in desktop or mobile will show respective view)