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I’m Adam, a mobile and web user experience designer, working and living in San Francisco. From 95-05 I managed clinical workflow at UCSF, and designed several division websites including a patient portal for SF General. I left UC to begin consulting in order to learn team dynamics, and get into as many design challenges as possible. I planned to consult for 2-3 years, but it ended up lasting almost 7. Over those years I was blessed to work with great people at great companies, helping teams design great products and solutions which have been used by millions of people.


Over the past 4 years I worked at Xoom, a PayPal service as a UX for their mobile app. I currently work as a responsive web designer for MuleSoft, a company that provides integration software for connecting applications, data and devices.


This portfolio consists of items I can share online. As a UX, much of what we do is protected by NDA and general agreements not to share online over certain periods of time. If you meet me as a mentee, and we are using this site as a training tool, or on the occasion i am applying for a position, and you are a prospective employer, I can also show some other work examples in-person.


My process on projects usually starts with competitive analysis, then, once we have an idea on a set of screens, I’ll move on to Information Architecture (IA Flow). IA starts with a user flow to understand who will be using the product (usually a new or return user, but varies), a page flow (what we’ll be designing in the form of boxes and arrows), and corresponding wireframes. I’ll iterate on these wireframes with the product managers, prototype once we have a solid idea, then, once we have a solid solution, prepare documentation for hand off to visual designer(s) and the development team. The document we deliver with the Flows and Wireframes is called a blueprint. I have a full 31 page blueprint available on the CSR page for you to look at if interested. You can also see several flows on my IA page.


As a registered mentor for the IxDA and IAI, I offer one hour mentoring to anyone who is curious about the process of Information Architecture and User Experience Design. You can find me mentoring for Casdade SF bi-monthly.


I play bass guitar with friends as often as possible. I jam most Mondays with my band, The Wooks, hang out and play some weekends with friends in Lucas Valley / West Marin, and a few times a year, live with my band, The Aftershocks.


CONTACT: adam @ this domain