I worked at UCSF, and designed several division websites including a patient portal for SF General. I left UCSF to begin consulting in order to learn team dynamics, and get into as many design challenges as possible. Over those years I was blessed to work with great people at great companies, helping teams design great products and solutions which have been used by millions of people.

After consulting, I worked at Xoom, a PayPal service as a full time UX on their mobile app team. Over the past few years I have been the responsive web designer for Mulesoft, a mobile web designer for Salesforce.com, and I am currently a mobile product designer for the Charles Schwab mobile app.

My process on projects usually starts with competitive analysis, then, once we have an idea on a set of screens, I’ll move on to Information Architecture (IA Flow). IA starts with a user flow to understand who will be using the product (usually a new or return user, but varies), a page flow (what we’ll be designing in the form of boxes and arrows so we understand the interactions between screens), then the corresponding wireframes. I’ll iterate on these wireframes with the product managers and stakeholders, prototype once we have a solid idea, then put the design through usability testing. Once we have a solid solution, I’ll prepare documentation for hand off to visual designer(s) and the development team. The document we deliver with the Flows and Wireframes is called a blueprint. I have a full 31 page blueprint I can email you if interested. You can also see several flows on my IA page.

As a registered mentor for the IxDA and IAI, I offer one hour mentoring to anyone who is curious about the process of Information Architecture and User Experience Design. You can find me speed mentoring (6 mentoring’s over 2 hours) for Cascade SF bi-monthly.

I play bass and guitar live and at home as often as possible. I jam with friends in Marin a couple time a month. When I have time, I’ll go stay at a cottage I built in Grass Valley, CA which I AirBnB when I’m away, but when I’m there… will take my motorcycle out for a spin in the sierras when the weather is right. I’m an avid yogi, and love to travel when I’m not designing or playing music. 

CONTACT: adam @ this domain